They were regarded as the most attractive twins in the world at the age of 7… Here is how they look now!

Ava and Lea Clements, twin girls, were born in California on July 7, 2010. For Kevin and Jaka, the daughters were wonderful cuties because, like with any parents, they thought their kids were the best.

However, it turned out that they weren’t the only ones who had this opinion. They received numerous praises and admiring glances from nearby individuals, including total strangers.

The females, however, had someone who was born so attractive. Their father, Kevin, is a tall, athletic man with dark hair who has extensive experience coaching swimmers and has even received accolades. And Jackie, the mother of the girls, has stunning, typical features and truly otherworldly emerald eyes.

The daughters adopted their parents’ finest practices. In addition, the family has a 12-year-old older brother named Chase. He too stands out for his attractive appearance.

All of the family’s family members and friends incessantly urged the parents to send the infants to a modeling agency. Jaki, however, was not concerned about timing; she consistently responded that they will mature and make their own decisions.

And my mum talked to Ava and Leah about modeling when they were seven years old.

After all, girls are known for their artistic talent nearly from birth, and they like the limelight. The twins’ sibling did not keep quiet; he too declared a wish to work as a model. They now take part in numerous shootings and shows successfully as a group.

For the girls, Jacky created a social media profile. In fact, more than a million people have joined to her daughters’ page, proving that they have a large following. Right now, the parents want to start their own family business. What they will sell is still a mystery, but the logo will undoubtedly feature a twin symbol.

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