Jocelyn Wildenstein used to be really beautiful before getting so many surgeries… Here is how she looked…

The well-known socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein is 81 years old. She has long been listed among the women who have severely damaged their appearance in the sake of youth and beauty.

Switzerland is where Jocelyn was born. When she was 17, she connected with a producer who gave her the first break in her film career.

The couple split soon after relocating to Paris, and Jocelyn started living a wild, party-loving life. The female frequently switched boyfriends and didn’t get married for another 30 years.

They claim that Jocelyn chose the first procedure because of her spouse. The man, who had a terrible fear of aging, made every effort to maintain the youthful appearance of his face.

He decided to remove the bags beneath his eyes when the regular treatment was insufficient. Jocelyn chose blepharoplasty in addition to supporting her spouse.

According to one theory, Jocelyn’s husband Alec preferred eyes with a “cat” shape. Another account is that the woman created the form herself since she wanted to appear young and attractive because such women constantly surrounded her husband.

Following the initial procedure, other face alterations got underway, including skin tightening on the face, injections by a beautician, implants to fix the chin and cheekbones, and more.

Jocelyn’s spouse said, “I was never the first to learn about surgery. She had the idea that she could redesign her face similarly to how old furniture is reupholstered, but skin cannot be altered in this way. She didn’t, though, according to Wildenstein.

After a few years of marriage, the couple got divorced, and Jocelyn sued her husband for a large sum of money. However, despite receiving an extra 10 years of assistance from her ex-husband and $2.5 billion, the woman’s wealth did not last.

She claimed to have almost no money in 2016. Rumor has it that Jos bequeathed her whole fortune to cosmetic and plastic specialists.

By the way, the woman thinks of herself as lovely and does not acknowledge the youthful mistakes connected to the condition of her face.

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