This woman is getting fame because of dressing like a real barbie!

Caitlan Redding, 22, enjoys flaunting her figure in scanty attire. Although her critics want to shame her, she is not ashamed of her size 62. and identifies herself as “Barbie plus size” in public.

Caitlan declares, “I won’t let someone who deems me obese stop me from showing my body. I feel wonderful in lingerie sets or low-cut tight outfits.

Although the girl’s photos have long generated controversy online, her page still only had a small, though not entirely committed, fan base.

But lately, numerous plus-size clothing companies have posted pictures of her at simultaneously. Caitlan was the target of widespread mockery and received a large number of unfavorable remarks.

Barbie, though, shows no sign of giving up: “I will not hide. I am very proud of who I am. I am pleased when a well-known fashion brand posts a picture of me wearing one of their clothes. I’m self-assured, and nobody can hurt me!

Some critics assert that she encourages obesity. Caitlan disagrees, though.

Barbie plus-size declared, “I don’t encourage enormous sizes; I support self-confidence and joy, regardless of size.

Caitlan is currently engaged to Sam Wolfe, a 23-year-old. At the age of 15, the pair first met.

Sam loves me regardless of my weight and volume, despite the fact that I was skinnier when we first met, claims Redding. “I have every right to be satisfied in my relationship, and I am.”

Despite being content with her overall beauty and body, the girl makes an effort to eat well and even engage in physical activity.

But regardless of my weight or the amount of exercise I do, this is all my personal decision and not a concession to Internet bullies. If I gain any weight, I’ll look like Barbie, “Redding says as he stands alone.

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