Finally, Prince Harry reveals whether Charles III is actually his dad…

The Duke of Sussex seems to drop some mind-blowing information on us daily!

The most important story to break at the beginning of the year is already on its way to you with an additional batch of startling disclosures.

In his astonishing memoirs, the prince chose to provide a solution to another perplexing question that torments him: after all, whose son is he?

It is common knowledge that at one point in history, there were a lot of rumors that Princess Diana gave birth to Harry, not at all from the disagreeable Charles III, but rather from her boyfriend with red hair named Major James Hewitt. This is something that is known to have happened.

According to The Independent, the Duke of Sussex has, for the first time, openly dismissed these rumors and rumors.

As he revealed his similarities to Harry’s purported father, he said, “One reason for the rumors was Major Hewitt’s red hair, but another was his depravity.” Harry’s alleged father was a man with red hair.

On the other hand, he emphasized that, for some reason, everybody forgot about the fact that his mom did not start a connection with the major until after he was born. He was the first child of his mother and the major. The claims that he was in a relationship with Diana’s lover were completely unfounded, except for their shared hair color.

The prince further stated that at some point in time, the tabloids crossed all lines and even began to look for his DNA to prove Hewitt’s paternity. This admission came as part of the prince’s admission that the tabloids had violated all lines. And during his entire life, he was the subject of rumors from others.

We are relieved that Harry has successfully resolved this matter once and for all. Despite the fact that it is quite improbable that his life will get any simpler.

In point of fact, in the span of just a few short days, a significant amount of material about the prince’s private life has been disseminated around the Internet. As a result, he will most likely never again experience true tranquility.

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