This woman was considered to be the most beautiful woman in the world and here is how her kids look!

Her name is Rasikat. Her homeland is Nigeria.

“She has ebony-black skin and sky-blue eyes, which is recognized as a┬ácuriosity in the girl’s motherland, so there was at one period a whole pilgrimage of potential suitors from all over the area to the house of an amazing beauty, where only the fame of the blue-eyed girl living in Nigeria reached,” she stated.

The kid of the young couple immediately gained the same level of popularity in Nigeria as her mother had just a short while ago.

Even offers from commercials and the modeling industry started coming in, which Abdul’s parents refused to accept because he was not interested. To such an extent that the arrival of a second daughter (who, yes, also has blue eyes!)

It was kept secret by the parents for a significant amount of time.

And it was when the family was strapped for cash that they finally agreed to take the offers from the advertisers, but they made sure to include a lot of restrictions that were kid-friendly.

Therefore, it is now anticipated that both Abdul and Rasikat will be successful in their respective modeling careers. Or perhaps even in movies.

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