Her spouse adopted 7 kids and heard great news from the agency on the same day…

The story of this large family is only a brilliant example of such ambitious families with many kids.

Meet the pair, Josh Clark and Jessaka. They were natives of Georgia.

Josh had always pictured himself as the patriarch of a big, happy family with a loving wife and ten kids.

He told his beloved wife his long-held desire on the first day of their relationship.

Even while it could be expected that most women would avoid these kinds of relationships, Jessaka seemed very at ease in them.

She grew up with adoptive siblings, according to Jessaka, who also came from parents who were adopted.

She was used to living in an apartment with a lot of kids because of this.

When they were married two years earlier, they only had one kid, a newborn girl they named Noah.

However, shortly after, a call was placed to inform them about the “Super 7” children;

Seven children who had been left by their mom in foster care.

What if we adopt them all? Josh questioned her when he saw her at that very time.

They made the decision to adopt all of them because they had been in foster care for more than three years.

They had no idea that in a single day, their family had expanded from three to ten.

They were warmly welcomed into Josh, Jessaka, and Noah’s home, and they fell in love with them at first sight.

What a happy event that was for everyone!

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