Kevin’s mum from Home Alone got older and here is how she looks like now…

It cannot be denied that “Home Alone” is without a doubt one of the very best movies of all time.

It is traditional for the Eve festivities celebrated all over the world.

KevinĀ and Kevin’s mother, who tried everything that was possible to return to her son, are the key characters who will live on in our memories forever.

Catherine O’Hara, like everyone else, will eventually lose her youthful bloom as a result of the passage of time.

Fans were taken aback when they saw her at the most recent celebration since she had white hair and an excessive amount of wrinkles.

Despite the fact that she is such a great actor, everyone admires her work. At this point in time, Catherine is 68 years old.

She continues to appear in movies and also practices voice producing for animations that become top sellers.

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