At the age of 70, Richard Gere found true love and learned the secrets to happiness…

Money cannot buy happiness in the family or in the presence of love. The numerous unsuccessful unions of several Hollywood celebrities are the lone example of this.

But if one looks at how happy 70-year-old Richard Gere is with his better half, 37-year-old Alejandra Silva, one may conclude that individuals of all ages are genuinely susceptible to love.

There was nothing particularly mysterious about their associate. Richard acknowledged that their initial contact was through a mutual friend. And possibly after one person said “Hello,” the world had already collapsed. They were drawn to one other at that point and imagined they would be with each other forever.

Alejandra noted that while she had many different love stories, they all, typically, didn’t start as simply and cleanly as we would have expected. The opposite of what one may expect from introductions is that they tend to drive people apart. And things changed drastically when she met Richard.

She noted that although Richard Gere wasn’t the sole source of her apprehension, it made her feel uneasy initially. The couple exchanged vows in accordance with all the Buddhist traditions and customs at the performer’s house in India. Alejandra also mentioned that their love for each other grows stronger every day.

Since their wedding, the couple has had a clear goal of having a typical child. In order to remain near his better half at that time, Richard Gere had to decline a few movie offers. At that time, they even proceeded to buy a present for the Dalai Lama. They had a child when the entertainer was 68 and Alejandra was 35.

The pair believes that the secret to happiness is to actually make your ideal partner happy. Alejandra can’t help but speak up because she is frequently reminded of how much Richard Gere values her.

The actor is positive that he was able to experience genuine affection as a result of his continued marriage.

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