Despite wanting a fifth baby, the mother of four got a special ultrasound result…

Even though she is the mom of four children, whose ages range from six to sixteen, Mary McCandlish, 34, decided to have the “last child.”

Both her family nor the doctors didn’t anticipate having a baby during this pregnancy.

During Mary’s pregnancy, the doctor, her spouse, and they all did an ultrasound. What they found shocked them all.

Three infants were surprisingly visible on the monitor’s image.

Triplets are extremely rare, as only one woman in 160 has a natural possibility of doing so, according to medical professionals.

IVF is frequently used to achieve such outcomes.

The doctors and the pregnant woman were initially frightened by Mary’s little height of 155 cm.

Doctors argue that such a small frame would preclude a woman from carrying a kid for nine months.

In order to avoid unplanned events, she was scheduled for a cesarean, which was performed in the seventh month of her pregnancy.

By the start of the 6th pregnancy, the Scottish family had four children under the age of 6: James, Peter, Emily, and Katrina.

All the youngsters were excited to learn about the triplets and were looking forward to their arrival.

The two themselves were quite thrilled and delighted when they heard the news at that time.

Mary thinks that the possibility of having so many kids comes with the anticipation of having a lot of worries.

There was a serious weight shortfall seen in the babies, whose birth weights ranged from 450 to 1300 g.

Two weeks later, the doctors assured Mary that they would deliver the infants in time for Christmas.

The promise was kept.

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