This guy used to be 610 kilos but now weighs 72 kilos… Here is what he looks like now!

Saudi Arabian Khalid Shaari gained notoriety in an instant in 2013.

The 22-year-old man was then listed as the heaviest person to have ever lived in the Guinness Book of Records.

Khalid’s weight was 610 kilograms, and the young man himself had not left his apartment in years since he couldn’t fit through the door.

Who knows how much longer King Abdullah Al Saud of Saudi Arabia would have kept Khalid from leaving the house.

Knowing that the 610-kg world record holder lives in the kingdom, he gave the order to help the guy lose weight.

He also paid for all related expenses including the entire cost of the medical care.

Even still, it was difficult to get Khalid to the Riyadh clinic.

A big group of movers, installers, doctors, and builders were required to help the 610-kilogram man travel to the place of treatment.

Before placing Khalid on a specially built bed that was subsequently lowered to the earth by a loader, specialists removed a piece of the building’s wall.

It was determined that in addition to overeating and poor nutrition, Khalid’s obesity was caused by genetic issues that needed to be treated right away.

In three years, Khalid was able to reduce almost 400 kg of excess weight thanks to various operations and the combined efforts of several specialists.

He could even partake in some of the physical activities necessary for his weight loss now that he could move around independently.

Khalid Shaari, who is 31 years old, weighs about 72 kg at this time.

He leads a healthy lifestyle and is very passionate about sports.

The man will stop at nothing to ensure that his name never again appears in the Record Book.

Certainly not with a record for its own weight, in any way.

Khalid is grateful to Abdullah Al Saud a great deal for giving him a ticket to a new life.

Unfortunately, the monarch passed away in 2015 and missed the success of the weight decrease.

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