Everybody blamed the mom of being careless for allowing her Down syndrome-affected daughter to get married… However, after 22 years…

Marianne and Tommy Pilling were one of the Down syndrome-afflicted couples who wed in 1995. Many did not even imagine that their shared happiness would last for 22 years, and their affections have only gotten stronger over time.

A while back, Marianne’s sister set up a Facebook page where she posted images of a fantastic relationship; more recently, Lindy mentioned this lovely pair.

“Marianne returned home beaming that first day she met Tommy. She kept bringing him up and asking if he might join us for supper. After dating for a year and a half, Tom proposed to our mother. He gave me a toy from a vending machine as a ring.

Despite knowing that rumors would not be kept to oneself, Lindy claimed that her mother had given the marriage her blessing.

Since she permitted their marriage, “my mother was constantly run over.” She clarified that it was absolutely up to them.

After twenty years, the general public appears to have moved on, and they began discussing the long-term nature of this partnership online.

On the Pilling website, more than 15,000 people have already signed up, and they all laud their relationship:

There are too many chromosomes. Too much affection. How many people back this pair is astounding.

“Wonderful couple! I’m so happy her mother had the guts to allow this marriage to exist 22 years ago. Amazing tale of love!

Nothing broke this couple apart; on the contrary, they became more robust.

The wedding is the finest day of my life, Marianne declared. Tommy startled me with a marriage proposal, but I didn’t have to give it much thought before accepting. Never do my spouse and I argue. I adore him a lot. He is my closest pal.

Although the couple doesn’t live together, their family is close by. Tommy and Marianne provide hope to everyone in a comparable circumstance.

Only that it enabled them to forge a genuine bond.

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