Katy Brand performs to Beyonce’s popular song and amazes everyone in the audience… Video attached!

Katy Brand, who finished in second place on this year’s Let’s Dance for Sport Relief competition, gave a mesmerizing rendition of Single Lady by Beyonce Knowles. She pulled out all the stops.

Katy Brand, a well-known figure from the Onion universe, will be participating in tonight’s red button extra episode of the phenomenally successful dance competition Strictly Come Dancing.

Karen Hardy, a past champion of Strictly Come Dancing and a professional dancer, will be joined by the comedic actress and novelist to provide live commentary on the performances of the couples through the red button.

Between the hours of 6:30 and 8:25 o’clock tonight on BBC1, you can anticipate a combination of insight and humor as they give you the heads up on who’s hot and who’s not on the stage before the judges have their say. You can watch the show online here.

After Noel Fielding in the dance competition Let’s Dance For Comic Relief a few years ago, which you can watch again down below, Katy is no stranger to the world of competitive dancing.

Here is the video:

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