The most outrageous interviews with Dolly Parton ever! Video attached…

One of the most famous country music performers, Dolly Rebecca Parton, has 65 albums to her credit and 26 number-one singles. She has also received awards from the National Medal of Arts and the Country Music Hall of Fame. She is also regarded as one of the funniest celebrities out there, though. She has a way with a good joke.

For the same reason, a video collection of her TV host interviews and live crowd speeches has recently grown in popularity. “I think most country people and certainly entertainers like myself,” Parton says at the beginning of the clip. We are comedic, in my opinion.

It sort of supports you through the challenging stages of growing up. More things that you shouldn’t even laugh at were made fun of by us. But we tried to find the humor in it, so that was the funniest stuff.

The next segment is a snippet from a conversation she had with Jimmy Fallon in which she describes how she met a senior man at a diner. Regrettably, she falls for the trick and pays the price. She eventually tracks him down at the road’s intersection, though, and when she asks him about it, he begins to beat her across the chest.

Fallon now queries her, “So what comes after that?” What do you mean what happened? Parton replies. These two large lumps appeared and remained there forever, leaving Fallon speechless. In the video that follows, a young man approaches her and inquires about her advice for youngsters in the nation.

Dolly replies with a smile, “I’d suggest, behave like it rains every day and wear your rubbers.” Everyone in the audience started laughing at this. Parton is a wonderful lady who enjoys every moment of her life. She doesn’t care how people perceive her or what she wears. I’m delighted he came out of his closet long enough to come and look at mine, she says in the video.

Parton discusses her partner’s obsession with Jennifer Aniston in the humorous discussion that follows with Fallon. He was more thrilled, she claims, “thinking I was going to star in a movie with her, than he was that I had the chance to compose the score. I guess he fantasizes like a threesome,” he says before breaking out in fits of giggles.

Beautiful notes have been left for the legendary singer and actress by Parton’s fans. “Ms. Parton is adorable, funny, wise, sincere, and modest. One person remarked, “Dolly is such a comic, she is hilarious, and her timing is amazing. One person said, “Dolly is really funny. If she ever gets sick of singing, she would become a great comedian.

Here is the video:

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