Shakira’s ex-husband, Gerard Pique, displayed his fiancée, a 23-year-old model… Here is how she looks…

In June 2022, Shakira and Gerard Piqué made their breakup official. In 2011, a Spanish soccer player and a Colombian singer started dating.

They spent 11 years together. Shakira has since put out a song about the split, and Piqué has started seeing someone else.

It turns out that after splitting with Shakira, Gerard Piqué met this model. There were many fans that found divorce to be quite tough.

Even fans broke down in tears over the breakup of their beloved marriage. They were an inspiration to many people and had a really lovely family.

Nevertheless, the couple’s relationship ended quickly as one would expect. Now that they are no longer connected, they have each started a new life on their own.

Only a few months after their breakup, the Pike flaunted his new lover. Her name was Clara Chia Martin, and she was 23 years old and working in modeling.

She truly attracts attention and dazzles everybody with her exquisite beauty.

Numerous individuals who opposed Shakira and Pike’s relationship are now ecstatic that Pike has met his new love.

Since they weren’t truly meant to be together, they believe Shakira is also quite pleased.

Along with his new girlfriend, the football player is now really content.

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