Fashion designer Wang left everybody in amazement by showing her slim legs in a bodysuit and saying, “Beyond the possibilities of being able to look like this at 72.”

When you see Vera Wang, 72, dressed in a bodysuit, you won’t believe your eyes.

Vera Wang, a well-known and accomplished fashion designer, is pictured here. She recently turned 72 years old. Many find it difficult to believe that it is true because the well-known woman still appears stunning and has slim legs.

Nobody could help but be enthralled, and her devoted followers didn’t miss an opportunity to show their idol some love and kindness.

It’s a little difficult to comprehend that the elderly woman in front of us is 72 years old.

The celebrity’s thin legs, beautiful shape, and radiant skin never fail to pleasantly surprise everyone.

Of course, many people, even young girls, will only only dream of looking like this.

Users on the network are still perplexed as to how the fashion designer, who is in her 70s, looks so young.

What do you think of the bodysuit-clad physique of the fashion designer? Comments are welcome below.

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