The media showed an overweight Roberts on the beach and said, “She used to look prettier.”

The 54-year-old actress Julia Roberts is finally taking a break from her nonstop filming schedule. You may be aware that the paparazzi never rest and are always on the search for famous people.

This time, they were able to capture some brief moments as an unhurried Julia strolled along the shore.

Social media users concurred that the actress in the pictures cannot be identified. But many individuals fail to recognize the importance of the angle. Any person can be captured in a photograph in such a way that not everybody who is familiar with him immediately recognizes him.

Subscribers believe that Roberts gained a lot of weight despite the star’s youth and slimness. They concentrated on her round belly as they searched for her abs.

She’s really changed for the worse. She was once better, and she always stuck out for being so thin.

She has lost her beauty, why has she stopped caring for herself, and her tummy has rounded up. You urgently need to join a gym. “You can see that she has gained weight,” network users said in the comments section of the artist’s video.

The critical remarks shocked Julia’s supporters. They said the actress still had a beautiful appearance. The actress’s slender figure is still apparent now. Unlucky video is to blame.

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