During a concert, a fan brings out his phone to display a photo as Adele starts to cry…

At Caesars Palace, Adele just performed in her ninth concert.

Every weekend, she performs in front of people. However, none of these occasions would be complete without happy, tragic, or intriguing cases.

One admirer was mortified by the use of filters when she attempted to take a selfie with the musician.

She said to a fan, who was in tears, “But we look very different in real life.”

Adele started crying in the middle of the performance. She engages with the audience rather enthusiastically, it is true.

The singer also made the decision to wander among the rows during the performance and saw how one man was using his phone to display a picture of his wife.

Adele initially did not value this in any way. She hesitated, however, before singing the hit song Someone Like You because she was losing control of her emotions.

I want you to be able to see what I see as I move through the crowd. I see little human stories every night with you, and they really touch me. I saw a man there clutching his phone, which was covered in a photo of his wife.

Then I noticed that his wife was no longer standing next to him. I was deeply moved by this. My condolences for your loss. And I’m sorry I didn’t understand what you showed me right away,” the sobbing artist turned to face the man.

Following this poignant occasion, Adele composed Someone Like You with the widower, to whom she had reacted so strongly, in mind.

Following this incident, fans who recorded it on the tape said they now completely understand why the singer engages in such intensive therapy between performances.

They write in the forums, “She really gives her whole soul into the audience,” “Wonderful, talented, and very genuine.”

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