She has an “Iron Face.” This woman calls herself the “Plus Size Barbie.”

Natasha Crown displayed the outcome of another procedure.

Seven years ago, the 27-year-old blogger decided to get plastic surgery in order to achieve her main objective of having the biggest buttocks in the world. Natasha gradually started performing multiple Brazilian butt lifts, which assisted her in achieving the ideal shape.

Crown performed five operations in total, but one more will enable her to break the current record.

Even though she is having some issues as a result of her new body, Natasha is now happy with the outcome. However, despite these circumstances, the girl continues to undergo multiple operations. Including various body components.

On the social media platform TikTok recently, Natasha displayed the outcome of the most recent treatment. The blogger chose the “Jolie corners” to accentuate the beauty of her face. After this surgery, the chin and cheekbones nearly take on a geometric clarity similar to Angelina Jolie’s.

However, in the case of Crown, the cosmetologist used so much filler that the woman’s face started to resemble an iron. And the image started to appear merely menacing with her full lips and long eyelashes.

Natasha doesn’t think she has any problems with the way she looks. She thinks that every procedure just makes her better and more attractive. True, Crown is still conscious of how ostentatious and off-putting her appearance is.

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