Fans’ reactions to great model Bella Hadid’s attempt to embody Marilyn Monroe were conflicting…

Bella Hadid, one of the most prominent models of our day, adores experimenting with both her beauty and fashion.

For instance, a famous person just opted to color her hair.

Fans find it difficult to accept Bella’s change in hair color because they are accustomed to the fashion model having dark hair.

It was also incredibly challenging for some of them to see Hadid as Marilyn Monroe, perhaps for the same reason.

On her blog, the fashion model posted a new video in which she appeared while wearing a pretty white wig with flirtatious curls around her face.

This haircut unavoidably brought to mind, Marilyn Monroe. Bella simultaneously posed in a white T-shirt that was cut.

This beauty experiment received great feedback from many Internet users.

Some people remarked that Marilyn would probably look exactly like this in 2023.

“I don’t get Bella’s detractors’ complaints. She appears modern. This would have been odd in the 1960s. Now – not at all,” “She does not claim to be Marilyn Monroe 2.0, but merely presents a fascinating image,” and “I think it turned out really interesting,” are some of the comments left by Bella’s admirers.

As usual, critics are unrelenting.

“Hadid and Monroe. There are too many variations in every facet of life. No matter how hard she tries, she won’t be able to be the same. Monroe had a distinctive softness of facial features, but everything here is exactly the contrary. She has never been so skinny, according to online users.

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