Tom Hanks and his wife showed a picture of how their son looks like…

Tom Hanks is a well-known actor who consistently delivers excellent performances.

In Nothing in Common, he brilliantly blended comedy and drama, and his portrayal of a youngster trapped in an adult body in Big won him an Academy Award nomination.

That set him on the path to becoming one of the most well-liked stars of the time. Tom had a gift for acting from a young age.

He first married Samantha Lewis in 1978, and they later divorced in 1987.

He is currently wed to Rita Wilson, an actress. The actor who won an Oscar has a sizable following.

Their youngest son, Truman, joined the couple on the red carpet (26). This was an unusual sight since the 26-year-old has kept his or her identity a secret up until now.

The public has so far avoided Tom Hanks’ son. The family’s youngest member was now traveling with his parents to a movie premiere.

This simply astounded the fans, who gazed admiringly at the images.

The group was upbeat while watching the movie. With flawlessly synchronized attire, the three posed for the cameras.

Dad to four children, Tom Hanks. Truman and Chet Hanks, his two youngest children, are the products of his union with Rita Wilson.

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