Salma Hayek, a beautiful actress, said why she avoided appearing in comedies…

The 56-year-old actress acknowledged that she no longer perceives sexuality as having an impact on her professional life. Salma said she has wanted to act in comedy for a very long time.

However, the evaluation of Hayek’s external evidence was all that remained of the consensus among the Hollywood elite.

After the musician began working with producer Adam Sandler, the scenario changed.

He directed a famous actor in the comedy Grown Ups in 2010. Salma’s career in the comedy category thus got started with the actor.

Salma said she had come to appreciate her worth as a person. “I currently find myself in a scenario where I do not believe that my orientation is the only quality that is valued more highly.

However, even if that were the truth, I wouldn’t care since I’ve earned enough respect from important figures, and I believe they look beyond that,” Hayek remarked.

Since she was exclusively cast for roles that suited her, the actress experienced regular periods of sadness early in her career.

She now exclaims with a smile that she was successful in every genre. She had to learn that her career was finished at the same moment.

“At the time, I was depressed, but now I do every genre. I was informed that my time had passed and that I had been unemployed for the last 20 years. I chuckle instead of being depressed or upset, according to Salma Daily Mail.

The actress is wed to Francois-Henri Pinault, a millionaire French businessman. They have been wed since 2009, and their kid is named Valentina.

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