This mother is raising her five children by herself because her spouse left all of them behind…

Oksana Kobeletskaya, an Odessa inhabitant, shared a home with Sergey Semenov until 2016. While raising their infant daughter Alice, the couple was also considering having another child. In order to provide a girl with a brother, Oksana, and Sergey desired a son. The husband was overjoyed when the wife found out she was pregnant.

When Oksana and Sergey initially learned that they will have five children, they were taken aback. The doctor, however, affirmed that there was no error in the outcome. After all, there is a 1:85 million probability of having five children at once. Knowing everything, the husband abandoned his wife. But after some time, he came back and assured Oksana that he would assist her in every way.

Until he was born, he maintained his promise. Sergey was always there for his wife. always available and helpful. The family opted to assist at the municipal level when the quintuplets were born. And a six-room apartment was given to the spouses and their six kids.

The never-ending days and nights have already started. Even five newborn newborns can be challenging to care for at times. There may not always be even a minute available for personal time. Nevertheless, Sergey first managed and assisted Oksana in everything.

Only six months were spent with my hubby. He insisted time apart from his family was necessary because he was worn out. Since Oksana was constantly working with kids, she hardly ever got any sleep. After all, feeding and purchasing everyone simply took a long time. The young mother gets very little sleep at night.

She did, however, have tiny children that needed daily care. He didn’t complain because he was pressed for time. Sergey left the family once more when the kids were six months old. But this time, he really did leave.

The most unexpected item was Sergey’s unequivocal denial of providing child support to any of his children. With six kids in her arms now, how does Oksana manage to live alone? He never gets time to relax because he is so busy.

She must transport all the kids to kindergarten in the morning, after all. They handed the woman a minibus as compensation. He obtained his license to drive. Of course, he will find it simpler to direct the kids in the appropriate direction. There are plenty of decent individuals in the world.

Neighbors, local residents, and other kind individuals started assisting the single mother with numerous children. They even established a unique assistance fund for this. Any kindhearted person would want to help Oksana and her kids in any way they could. Oksana herself didn’t watch helplessly.

He began to maintain an online blog where he describes and depicts his family’s daily activities. There is a lot of interest in all five. Therefore, it is not unexpected that Oksana has more than 100,000 subscribers.

Oksana and the boys are frequently asked to participate in photo shoots and commercials. The woman agrees because she needs to accept it in order to survive. Oksana does not need money because she provides for her enormous family on her own. I wish this brave woman good health, enormous strength, tolerance, and straightforward joy.

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