A young girl created her own gorgeous prom dress and here is how it looks!

All eyes were on the schoolgirl who designed her own royal prom dress!

This young woman was just 17 years old.

She had her graduation party soon. Everyone wants to make a good impression with their magnificent attire on this night.

This young lady made the decision that she would be the most attractive.

She made the decision to make the dress of her dreams from scratch. She first made a cardboard replica of her garment. The work then moved along more quickly.

Although she chose the green fabric, she made the choice to sketch it after stitching.

Her mother assisted her in every way. The laborious and time-consuming work on the flowers started when they were making the outfit.

The girl was a good drawer, so she completed everything quickly, and by the end of the fourth day, everything was finished.

Everyone at the prom turned to face the girl as soon as she arrived in her outfit. She was stunning!

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