Do you know what size of clothes Marilyn Monroe actually wore?

Still shocking the crowd is Marilyn’s presence. Many people are still dubious, though, as to whether the actress would uphold modern beauty standards.

One needs to be informed of Monroe’s actual size in order to understand this.

Given that Monroe, unfortunately, lost away at the young age of 36, her acting career was relatively brief.

What size wore the lead woman? is still a hot topic for research because so many people find it fascinating.

There was a misunderstanding since the dimensional grids utilized in the 1950s and now are very different.

As an illustration, a size “zero” on a modern model corresponds to a size 10 under the old standard.

Of course, as she got older, the actress’s weight fluctuated a little.

For instance, the weight is recorded as 53 kg in the pathologist’s report.

Most Monroe experts today concur that she was comparable to a current lady in terms of size.

She wasn’t underweight nor was she overly skinny. Let’s all agree on this.

Simply told, she was breathtakingly beautiful. What merit do you think this tale possesses?

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