“Street artists” are amazingly creative individuals… Watch this talented man perform in this video…

Street performances are done by amateurs and pros for artistic and, of course, monetary motives. Whether performing solo, in a group, or in a mixed setting, these individuals bring music to the city. And without live music, the city wouldn’t have the same vibe.

The belief that musicians shouldn’t hunt for producers permeates the street culture, which is still regarded as underground. He works solely for himself, pursues his passions, and implements his ideas using only his own abilities. Every day, a 50-year-old homeless musician sits down at the piano and starts to perform. His music evokes strong emotions in listeners.

One cannot pass. In contrast to music, audiences are frequently more interested in a style of thinking. Despite its substance, something in the viewer changes when a person running somewhere unexpectedly bumps across another person who lives in a totally another place.

He pauses and asks a few questions. It turns out that the homeless man’s name is Donald Gould. He’s not even a musician, anyway. When he was younger, he served in the Navy, where he developed his piano skills. Then, his life began to go south, leaving him without a place to live.

The dude still has a lot of talent. His game is challenging; he interprets intricate pieces with soul. His music captures your attention and compels you to put all other activities on hold to listen. The homeless man gained notoriety because of the journalists who constantly reported on him in the media. The choice was made to assist the man in beginning a new life.

They have established an emergency fund and want to purchase him a home and a piano with the money generated from it. A musician with such skill shouldn’t be lost, after all. Many people claim that a homeless man will miss his endearing and genuine tunes if he decides to quit singing on the street.

Here is the video:

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