Supermodel gave birth to a child at age 50, but many people think she isn’t the child’s biological mother…

At age 50, Naomi Campbell gave birth to her first child. Many believed that the baby’s original mother was not an attractive woman.

Naomi Campbell, a well-known and attractive supermodel, just gave birth to a child, yet many think that she is not the child’s biological mother.

Anonymity surrounds the specifics of her child’s birth. She responded simply, “She wasn’t adopted – she’s my girl,” when questioned if she would elaborate.

The other day, the paparazzi caught a model walking with a young child, and their pictures quickly went viral.

Many online users think the model employed a surrogate mother’s services rather than giving birth on her own.

The supermodel was seen with her daughter in a photo session for British Vogue.

Although Campbell has never disclosed her daughter’s name, she told the magazine that she was not adopted.

She had previously kept any information about her child private, so her Instagram announcement of her birth in May 2017 caught people off guard.

Campbell has only ever mentioned her daughter once, describing her as “a dream child” in September of last year.

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