The security did not let Madonna’s daughter enter the room and here is why…

The paparazzi begged the security guards to let Lourdes into the Marc Jacobs fashion presentation, but they slammed the door in their faces in front of the pop star’s heiress.

Due to the girl’s exclusion from the Marc Jacobs shows, Lourdes Leon, daughter of singer Madonna, became the day’s protagonist.

The pop queen’s heiress arrived at the presentation precisely at the start and lingered there afterward because she had forgotten the “codes of decency” of Fashion Week.

The girl simply failed to consider the difficulties of sitting, the designers’ punctuality (normally, the doors close 5 minutes before the start of the performance), as well as the security personnel’s professionalism.

The humiliating moment, in which Madonna’s daughter attempts to overcome the “facial control” but fails, swiftly gained popularity on TikTok and was made fun of by fans of the well-known social media platform.

“You shalt not pass,” “These repo-babies think they can do anything,” and “Yes, you can be Madonna’s daughter, but you need to arrive at concerts of this caliber on time” are all commands that people should heed. TikTokers made the remark, “Loser.”

Another amusing scene from the Lourdes video: as the famous heiress and her escort were pleading with the guards to let them in, a mob of paparazzi gathered around her and started chanting “let her in.”

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