This couple got married 11 years ago and here is how their family looks now…

Maybe some Internet users still remember these couple’s breathtaking wedding photos.

11 years ago, Irina and Alexander decided to stand out for their wedding photos.

Unexpectedly, many people from around the world expressed great interest in their boom photographs.

The strange story they told then quickly spread throughout the Network.

Everyone also believed that they would soon get divorced following their wedding.

The fact that they are still together and even have kids gives them happiness, much to the users’ dismay.

They genuinely made other people either laugh at them or be amazed by them because of their odd and distinctive appearance.

The dress and period-appropriate clothing gave off a medieval aura.

Only emos and goths should be permitted to attend the sequences they look to be filming for a fantasy movie like one in the “Dracula” series.

But on their big day, all they wanted was to be noticed.

In addition, they were so devoted to one another that their family had been together for 11 years.

Lada and Elisha are the couple’s lovely daughters.

For their two children, the well-known couple provides everything.

Alexander is a well-known photographer who often shares photos of renowned individuals.

The owner of a successful firm, Irina, who just turned 37, is also quite busy.

She is a fantastic mother and best friends with both her husband and daughters.

Despite having busy lifestyles, as the woman claims, they are close and supportive of one another.

Their joy stems from that.

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