Triplets aged five were breastfed by their mother until they wanted to quit…

An Australian woman gave an explanation of why she continues to nurse her kids even though they are now 5 years old and in preschool.

Devina Wright breastfed her triplets Connor, Willow, and Summer from birth and still does; she resides in Hong Kong with her husband Jason and five kids. The mother, who is 47, claims that even though she is “weary” of breastfeeding, she thinks the infants should decide when to stop.

Despite what some people may assume, according to Wright, she does not exclusively breastfeed for herself. “If they weaned, I would be pleased. However, I won’t quit nursing until they ask me to, Devina stated.

The mother of numerous children claims she anticipated her triplets would quit breastfeeding at around 14 months because her two oldest children did.

Devina now feeds the triplets twice a day—in the morning and in the evening, just before bed—because this did not actually occur. Wright tries to teach her children the norms of their autonomy with regard to their own bodies at the same time, but they frequently ignore her.

“Right now, teaching respect for the body’s boundaries and autonomy is our top priority. She said, “For instance, if they ask for “sissy” and I don’t want to, I say “no,” and they become angry with me.

Despite this, she insists that she appreciates the sense of kinship she gets from feeding the kids.

Additionally, because the family keeps certain aspects of their tale a secret from friends and acquaintances, kids do not succumb to bullying. Wright claims that if the children don’t give up their breasts, nothing will change when the triplets begin kindergarten.

The mother of several kids remarked, “One of the most pleasant things about breastfeeding older kids is that they are able to show their satisfaction in the process. “Mine comment about how much they adore it and how pleased they are very frequently.”

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