Do you think it is true that this woman is actually 54 years old?

Donna D’Errico is older than 27, although she doesn’t appear that way. The two-parent mother, who appears young, is preparing to hit Malibu’s beaches.

The actress/model gained notoriety for posting a lewd photo of herself online. Even more concerning is Donna’s continued participation in controversial picture shoots at the age of 54.

Mother of two strikes an awkward pose in her black lace underwear for a social media photo, appearing happy with her youthful appearance.

She received a barrage of abusive comments from complete strangers shortly after posting this picture on social media. Nevertheless, the actress went ahead and gave the same details and justification.

Donna D’Errico’s marriage fell in 2007, and she hasn’t been in a committed relationship since.

She shares photographs on social media to sway her detractors now that she is living alone.

It’s fantastic when so many men want you, Donna says after receiving many praises and notices from the other sex on the internet.

A few issues are present in the interim. The largest criticism has been directed at the lack of exposure at this age.

Please give me a second chance. I’m confident that I’ll look back on that decision with gratitude when I’m 80 years old. Donna has responded to her critics with a public statement.

The actress has no problem with women posting pictures of themselves online while wearing their underwear as long as they have a toned and attractive bodies.

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