A congenital condition caused the identical twins’ different skin tones and facial features. Here is how they look today!

It’s a popular misperception that twins are similar in terms of appearance and personality.

Although they could look somewhat different at birth, they will always retain certain facial features that can be used to distinguish them.

However, there are instances when spending time in nature might help you relax. The physical and mental similarity between identical twins and their siblings is expected.

Even while each sibling may seem slightly different at birth, they all share a few physical characteristics that quickly distinguish them as brothers, regardless of how much their looks change over time.

However, sometimes nothing beats a leisurely stroll through the park. Lucy had gorgeous blue eyes and light reddish brown, wavy hair.

Mary, though, was a black lady with light brown hair and eyes. Her eyes were a deep mocha color, just like the rest of her.

Although the dad was later found to be from the UK, the mother was originally from Jamaica. Lucy’s younger siblings’ complexions resemble those of their fair father.

The three girls have a wide range of personalities, much like many pairs of teenage sisters.

Unlike Mary, who favors pastels, Lucy dresses for a performance by wearing dark colors and a lot of makeup.

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