True delight is not limited by height… Check out how this couple’s baby looks!

Meet the Australian Worgans family, who gained notoriety for sharing their Instagram life story and photos.

Charlie, who is 27 years old, and her husband Cullen make a charming couple who are ecstatic about their future.

Currently, they are expecting a second kid to complete their lovely family in addition to their wonderful daughter, who is growing up.

Because they both originated from elfin stories, Charlie and Cullen create a unique “fairy” couple.

The charming woman is just 127 cm tall, while the handsome man is 10 centimeters taller than his wife.

Together, they were able to build a magnificent fairy family and live happily ever after.

Charlie feels blessed to have such a loving husband and precious daughter.

They were worried about carrying and giving birth to a child, but their little princess was delivered quickly and without incident.

She claimed in an interview that their dwarfism never prevented them from leading normal lives.

Since they have now referred to her as Tilba, Charlie is now hoping for yet another miracle.

The couple is optimistic despite the fact that doctors have already noted a few health issues with the unborn child.

They are confident that their child will be delivered normally and healthy despite everything.

so they may fully appreciate their great life together.

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