A father spent all of his savings accumulated over the years to get new sneakers for his son…

Everybody was in awe of the loving father from the Philippines’ wonderful deed.

There has never been a store like that before.

This father once went shopping for his son’s new footwear with him in a nearby mall.

The two debated which option was best until they realized it.

As everyone was paying at the register, Dad withdrew something odd from his pocket, surprising both the cashier and the other customers.

It wasn’t a purse or a credit card but rather a tiny box.

He opened it and spread out a lot of coins in front of the customers and cashiers.

In addition, the bundle included demonetization coins.

He most likely spent many years amassing the coins.

It was discovered that the poor man had been saving for a very long time.

His primary objective and enjoyable pastime in the interim became opening it when he got into trouble.

But the kind parent decided to spend the money on a new pair of sneakers for his teen.

The witnesses continued to detail the incident, saying that when they received the shoes, the man appeared elated and pleased with their purchase.

Despite the difficult situation, he made his son joyful by giving him his eagerly awaited pair of sneakers.

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