Cristiano Ronaldo opened up about losing his newborn kid for the first time, calling it “the saddest moment of his life.”

In Cristiano Ronaldo’s life, this year can scarcely be described as simple.

His recent football success has been considerably less apparent. Additionally, the athlete’s family suffered a tragedy in the spring of last year when his kid passed away.

Naturally, the forward instantly let his followers know about this, but he never brought it up again.

However, Cristiano went into great depth about his experiences in a Piers Morgan interview that ended up being one of the most contentious of last year.

Ronaldo said, “Since I bid goodbye to my father, this is definitely the hardest moment in my life.

“When you become a parent, you never even consider that things might go wrong. And whenever there is a problem, it is quite challenging,” stressed Cristiano.

He claimed that it was extremely challenging for both he and Georgina Rodriguez to process what had happened.

With tremendous difficulty, Ronaldo managed to hold back tears while speaking to a journalist and choosing his words.

The fact that the football player was given essentially no time to rehabilitate was one of the hardest aspects of his mourning.

“Football continued. At that time, there was a lot of competition, the athlete said.

He continued by saying that he keeps his son Angel’s ashes nearby his father’s in the chapel at his house. Cristiano claims to speak to and visit both of them frequently.

“I am aware that they support me. Additionally, they assist me in improving myself on all levels. In particular, they assist me in improving as a person and a parent, the football player said.

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