Have you seen what Sophie Lauren looks like at the age of 88?

It is difficult to realize that the legendary figure of Italian cinema has reached the age of 88. In recent years, Sophia Loren has made very few public appearances, opting instead to spend her time attending intimate family get-togethers.

Because Lauren is such an uncommon guest on television, photographers can only imagine what it would be like to capture an exclusive shot with the icon.

The cinema star restaurant recently had its grand launch the other day. Obviously, Sophie could not skip out on something as significant as this event.

The diva, who was 88 years old at the time, appeared in front of her followers wearing a “wedding suit” and accessorizing her look with pricey jewels. “A diva even at 88”, “Incomparable Sophie,” “Oh, how old she is”, “Even at 88, a diva”

“Hands betray age,” “She looks amazing for her age,” and “And if you wipe off makeup?” are all phrases that have been spoken about women.

I read the comments that were placed below the new pictures of Lauren and saw things like “An ordinary granny,” “Perfect image,” “Elegance itself,” and “Bravo, Sophie.”

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