In front of the audience, Antonio Banderas complimented his stepdaughter for the moving statement she gave in honor of her “Paponio.”

Melanie Griffith’s child with her first ex-husband, Don Johnson, is named Dakota Johnson. Alexander Bauer, a boy born to Melanie and her other ex-husband Steven Bauer, was also born. She had Stella with Antonio Banderas, her third ex-husband.

Antonio discussed his 2015 divorce from Griffith, with whom he had been married for almost 20 years. While he is divorced from the actress, the “The Mask of Zorro” actor claimed that she is still his best friend.

They are regarded as his offspring by him.

She was his “family,” and he admitted that he still loved her and would do so until he passed away. Antonio assisted Melanie Griffith in raising her stepchildren, Alexander and Dakota when they were dating.

Despite not being Dakota’s actual father, the “Pain and Glory” star nevertheless cares for her as if she were his own child. Antonio has maintained a close relationship with Griffith despite their divorce, and it is clear that he and his stepdaughter have a special bond.

When discussing his relationship with Dakota, the actor became upset.

Despite the fact that Dakota is not his biological daughter, they share a special relationship that has stood the test of time. The “Shrek” actor revealed touching memories of his time spent with his stepdaughter on December 13, 2022.

In a conversation with the media, the actor disclosed that Dakota nicknamed him “Paponio,” a combination of his first name and the Spanish word for “daddy,” “Papi.” Antonio said that he and his stepdaughter have no plans to get together for the 2022 celebrations when questioned about them.

It was primarily because she was really busy and constantly working, the actor explained. The two most recent contacts, according to Antonio, took place during film festivals.

At the 2019 Hollywood Film Awards, the “Fifty Shades of Grey” actress gave him the Hollywood Actor Award in recognition of his work in “Pain and Glory.”

Antonio had a particular place in his heart for that moment. She had given him “one of the most wonderful speeches,” he recalled.

Knowing what she thought of her “Papi,” Antonio was moved and appreciative. It was obvious that Melanie Griffith’s daughter truly meant every word she uttered, and what she said was quite emotional.

Address by Dakota to her stepfather

Dakota noted that she thought Antonio was amusing, lively, and witty during the Hollywood Film Awards, and that’s how she saw him when he first entered their lives. The actor’s family felt it was fantastic when the actress joked that his English at the time was “abstract.”

According to Griffith’s daughter, Antonio’s love for her mother and brothers was so “fierce” and “great” that it permanently altered their life. Their attachment to Spain, their Spanish friends and family, and flamenco dance developed after her family wed the actor.

She also mentioned Antonio and Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar’s nearly 40-year partnership. The actress continued by listing the more than eight movies in which her stepfather had worked with Almodóvar and reiterating how long-lasting their partnership had been.

Dakota noted that her stepfather was a superb performer and remarked with emotion that the filmmaker’s best work was “Dolor y Gloria.” She remarked that Antonio gave his “best performance” in the movie.

She addressed Antonio as “Papi,” saying that her family was in awe of him and had always loved him. Then she added that she felt “honored” to present him with the prize.

The Internet users were transferred.

When Dakota referred to Antonio as “Papi,” some online users who were moved by the statement on YouTube claimed to have “shed a tear.” Another person admired the actress’s affectionate remarks about the actor.

The person added she enjoyed hearing the actress talk about how much she loves and cares for her stepfather. She also noted that seeing something like this in Hollywood was unusual.

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