Simon Cowell is amazed by this 15-year-old singer’s beautiful voice despite the fact that she picks a challenging song to perform…

Sarah Ikumu presented an unpretentious, modest, and “expecting to do her best” persona on Britain’s Got Talent. Sarah, a young immigrant from Kenya, began singing in the church choir that her father frequently attended when she was five years old.

To support and encourage their daughter, her parents were present for her big debut. Sarah, who is already quite a small woman, decided to participate in the prestigious talent competition.

She said that after performing for the judges, she will sing “You’re Gonna Love Me,” a sweeping ballad by Jennifer Hudson, one of the most well-known songs ever.

For once, Simon immediately expressed disapproval of her musical choice but nonetheless let her go on. Ella What happened next cannot be described. It was hard for Simon and the other attendees to believe what they were hearing.

The 15-year-old singer performed at a level befitting the greatest singers in history, displaying flawless control, maturity, and musicality while singing on stage.

She appeared to be “possessed” by something. Simon was amazed and without thinking, he clicked the golden button.

Here is the video:

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