Due to speculations about his preferences, Leonardo DiCaprio became discouraged and is now searching for a long-term relationship…

Recently, it was revealed by the media that Eden Polani, 19, and Leonardo DiCaprio, 48, were dating.

The actor’s continued selection of underage girls has incensed internet users.

Many of them weren’t even alive when Leo became well-known because of the Titanic. The Hollywood bachelor then ceased making public appearances with his youthful partner.

According to insiders, this is a direct result of his wish to erase such an image.

“All these speculations about his inclinations have him quite concerned. He dislikes the publicity and is now single. Everyone believes that he is only interested in young ladies,” the source told DailyMail reporters in an interview.

“He needs a committed relationship right now. So what can he do about the fact that he always draws young girls’ attention at parties? He wants to erase that impression from his mind permanently. And he is really concerned that it will keep after him, the person continued.

Sources also mentioned how serious Leo’s connection with Camila Morrone was. And right now, he is desperately looking for someone he can share his feelings with.

Remember that the actor and the model had a five-year relationship that terminated practically soon after she turned 25.

By the way, it was after this that press reports said DiCaprio was not dating women older than 25. Some of his followers gasped when news of his connection with Gigi Hadid spilled to the media. It appears nonetheless that it was short-lived.

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