Gigi Hadid became upset and started crying during an interview… Here is why…

One of the most desirable models in the world is 27-year-old Gigi Hadid.

She does, however, manage to raise her daughter Khai in addition to working on her own brand of home textiles.

Fans were puzzled as to how the fashion model juggles all of these responsibilities, but she appears to have grown weary of her notoriety.

Following Gigi’s most recent interview with editors from Elle, this became obvious. Hadid simply began crying at one point.

“Every time I consider it, I become emotional. What about me does the world not know? I’m not sure. It is quite challenging. If they could talk to me, I think many people would learn intriguing things about the other side of fame,” the model acknowledged.

Gigi acknowledges that this would seem like a pretty weird complaint.

Really, I just needed someone to say it. In our careers, there are far too many fast instances where you don’t have time to provide context, according to Hadid.

The fashion model said that Serena Williams had taught her how to handle criticism.

“Nothing stays in the news for more than three weeks,” she once told me. Of course, at this point, it can feel as though your entire existence has ended,” the model continued.

She summed it up by saying that she is not likely to recall silly interviews that were misinterpreted by fans at the end of her life.

Gigi acknowledged that she is still growing in her ability to not take herself or her profession too seriously. Most likely, the model spent a lot of time trying to please everyone before realizing that it is impossible to do so.

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