Willem Dafoe’s Italian wife is twenty years younger and here is what she looks like now…

The infamous “Green Goblin” is interested in developing long-term connections with others. Willem Dafoe was married to his first wife for a total of 27 years and to his second wife for 17 years.

In the heat of the moment, the actor made an unexpected proposal to Jada Colagrande, but he did so with all of the responsibility that comes with his star status.

Willem Dafoe once found himself unable to stop chatting to a woman about anything other than work. When the evening came to a close, he simply proposed marriage to the woman, and she accepted.

Giada Colagrande, an Italian actress and director, seems unfazed by the significant age gap that exists between her and her husband. While she is 20 years his junior, they converse as though they are the same age.

The couple does not like discussing private matters on social media, but they make frequent appearances on the red carpet at various film festivals and premieres.

Despite the significant age gap between celebrities, the celebrities appear to be working well together.

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