Fans were appalled to see 47-year-old Eva Longoria sans makeup when she was photographed by onlookers while shopping…

One of the few Desperate Housewives actors who has maintained their popularity after 11 years is Eva Longoria.

Her character, Gabrielle Solis, captured the audience’s hearts with both her scorching temperament and beauty from the very first episode.

Eva is now active on Instagram, participates in charitable endeavors, and frequently appears in social media articles alongside her well-known friend Victoria Beckham.

You cannot in any way infer that the actress is already 47 years old from the photos taken on the red carpet and the “natural” photos posted on social media. The paparazzi nevertheless captured the star, albeit not in the nicest manner.

On a stroll around Beverly Hills, the actress was captured by everywhere photographers.

Eva opted for a snow-white outfit and skipped cosmetics on this particular occasion. Age-related changes were either highlighted unfavorably by poor lighting or a restless night, but a flood of criticism slammed the star after the publishing of unsatisfactory photographs in the press.

“Who said she was gorgeous by nature? Have I missed anything? A Daily Mail reader penned, “I picture a typical middle-aged woman with wrinkles.

“It appears that there is deception going on. See her Instagram page. They are two distinct individuals, the netizen declared. Another disgruntled fan remarked, “Gabrielle is not the same anymore.”

Fans of the show Desperate Housewives need, nonetheless learn to distinguish the actress from her role. Even without makeup, Eva looks young for her age, and everyone has lousy pictures.

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