This 9-year-old baby girl’s parents do not comb her hair and here is why…

The odd hair of their youngest daughter Laila Grace didn’t take long for Alex and her British Derby spouse Mark to get used to. But, parents started to worry when the girl turned four, and her hair grew incredibly quickly.

It was later discovered that the young British girl had an uncommon illness called uncombed hair syndrome. It causes the hair to grow continuously and has a unique texture that makes it tough to detangle.

The shaft form of this hair is unusual. The stem usually is circular, but in this girl and other sufferers of the condition, it seems to be shaped like a triangle or a heart.

She was in excruciating pain every time she used a comb. As a result, brushing soon started to cause panic. Nine years old now is Laila Grace. She took some time to come to terms with and enjoy her hair.

She sometimes even hugs her hair to express how much she loves it. The younger students at the school adore them, and the older boys can’t stop telling her that she looks great in this hairstyle, Alex added.

According to doctors, the hair will eventually become easier to manage.

Maybe like the other girls and her older sister Ivona, Laila Grace will be able to defeat them one day. She was quite a normal baby when she was born.

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