Monica Bellucci is 58 years old yet looks very attractive in this long red dress…

A serious ceremony to bestow the Cesar Film Awards took place recently in Paris and featured a large number of famous people.

On the red carpet, 58-year-old Monica Bellucci was the center of attention.

With a sophisticated flying maxi with multiple draperies and a train on the sleeves, Monica outshone everyone.

This time, Bellucci, who likes wearing gowns with deep necklines, chose to wager on color and clearly won.

Both the event’s photographers and attendees found it difficult to look away from her.

The feminine style was completed with a matching purse and a small silver necklace around the neck.

The majority of internet users agree that Monica looks fantastic for her age.

And this is despite the fact that the celebrity is not a fan of exercise or dieting. She does a lot of walking but dislikes working out in the gym.

According to Bellucci herself, it is simpler for her to put on a black dress than to forego enjoying a satisfying bowl of spaghetti.

The actress, however, is open about the fact that she tries to steer clear of a handful of goods whenever she can. The artist drinks a lot of water because she believes staying hydrated is vital.

“An example of exquisite femininity and elegance,” “Eternally elegant,” and “I truly appreciate how Monica changes through time.”

Bellucci’s countless admirers comment on the celebrity costume, calling her “the most gorgeous,” “How lucky Tim Burton is,” and “I feel like Bellucci looks to be stuck in time.”

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