Reese Witherspoon claims her daughter, who most people refer to as her twin, doesn’t look similar to her…

46-year-old Reese Witherspoon is a well-known producer in addition to being a great actor. In addition, she has a nice marriage and is a successful mother.

Ava and Deacon, her older children, were born to her by her coworker Ryan Phillippe. And in 2012, the celebrity’s third child—whose father is her current husband, James Toth—was born.

Reese doesn’t try to hide her kids as some other celebrities do; instead, she publicly posts family images. And what draws the most attention are the photos of her posing with her daughter.

Witherspoon has received assurances from internet users over the past few years that Ava Phillippe is her twin.

But not everyone concurs with the overwhelming majority. Some Reese fans think the daughter resembles her father more than her mother. And the fact that there aren’t as many of their combined photos online makes this less obvious.

Most likely, the actress has a similar viewpoint. She was invited to appear as a guest on the Today show and discussed how she didn’t notice many similarities.

The actress said with a smile, “Neither she nor I think that we are so alike as to name us twins. She must, however, feel flattered to hear such praise.

Reese gets along well with the children. She said in an interview that she never gave them explicit instructions on how to act.

The key is providing emotional support. Also, I don’t give them instructions; I present them with possibilities, the actress added.

It appears that this approach to parenting is really effective. For instance, Deacon has already scored his first significant film role, while Ava, who is presently a college student, has already made appearances in various advertisements.

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