This boy with autism has an IQ greater than Einstein’s…

When Jacob Barnett was two years old, he received an autism diagnosis. The doctors informed his mother Christine Barnett that the severity of his condition was serious and that a lot of effort would be required for him to comprehend at least the fundamentals and learn simple life skills.

He probably wouldn’t even tie his own shoes, they claimed. Of course, the mother took the experts’ advice to heart and enrolled Jacob in a special school, but sadly, she saw a regress. The youngster spoke less and less as he grew more withdrawn.

Indeed, Christine’s choice to remove her kid from the state program and prepare him independently was not an easy one for her, but she is a strong woman.

And now, her son, whom a woman teaching alone while experiencing dread and uncertainty, is making progress.

He developed tremendously swiftly and was far ahead of his contemporaries in knowledge due to his rapid intellectual growth and insatiable hunger for knowledge. His brilliance was 170 points better than Einstein’s according to an IQ test (the great scientist had an IQ of 165).

At the age of eleven, Jacob enrolled at Indiana University and declared physics as his major. He is currently the youngest astrophysicist to give talks at scientific conferences. His instructors have remarked on how deeply he knows everything.

They claim that the theory he is developing “concerns some of the most challenging topics in the realm of theoretical physics and astrophysics.” The Nobel Prize is expected to go to Jacob.

This story serves as more evidence that diagnosis alone—especially in the case of such complex disorders as autism—are not to be taken seriously.

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