A total of 1,000 guests attended the combined weddings of 4 siblings… Look at their kids now!

The unique notion of getting married on the same day and hosting the same reception party was conceived by four siblings. This one-of-a-kind celebration, which was attended by no fewer than 1000 wedding guests, will always be remembered as the best day of their lives.

As you started your life together, your siblings are your very first friends. All siblings experience the highs and lows of growing up together, and it might be difficult to envision ever parting as adults.

They frequently begin to drift apart once a sibling gets married due to a shift in priorities. The function of a sibling in a wedding is to provide support both on the big day and throughout their sibling’s wedding.

A wedding is sometimes referred to be your “big day” because it is the occasion when you and your future spouse will be the center of attention for everyone there. On this day, family members frequently opt to watch the beginning of your unique union from the sidelines.

But, a family in Utah abandoned that notion and instead organized a lavish wedding for four siblings. They chose to have a triple wedding, which turned out to be a joyful family event with at least a thousand attendees.

Everyone is aware of how difficult wedding planning can be, with so many details and preparations to make. Although though many families did not find success in getting four siblings married on the same day, the Fortneys were confident they could because the siblings had always been close.

Sisters Grace (age 23), Meagan (age 23), Jessica (age 19), and brother Marcus (age 21) all exchanged vows on the same day at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ St. George Utah Temple. Each couple had their own 30-minute ceremony, which was followed by a 1,000-person minimum shared reception at a nearby ballroom.

Marcus had the inspiration after his Mormon missionary tour to Mexico. He and his longterm girlfriend were preparing for his wedding at the time.

His other two sisters, Meagan and Jessica, were already making plans to remarry and his sister Grace had already gotten engaged at that point.

The sisters agreed with Marcus’ proposal to get married simultaneously once he presented it to them. Notwithstanding the unusualness of the proposal, their parents gave them their entire support, and their spouses were equally amenable to it.

The siblings wanted nothing more than for everyone to be happy, so planning the wedding was simple. They came to agreement on many wedding-related aspects and let each other chose the non-negotiables. Grace Fortney Weaver, one of the wives, expressed gratitude to her siblings for making it all possible.

They were able to arrange a wedding that was memorable because of their laid-back dispositions; at the end of the day, all they wanted was for everyone to be pleased. And that also included their parents, who were also ecstatic about what had occurred.

Kevin Fortney, their father, couldn’t help but gush about how wonderful it was to see his children content. Few things, he asserted, can match the depth of delight you experience when your kids are content.

The same was true for their mother Marie, who wanted to make sure that every one of her kids enjoyed organizing their wedding. She took each of her daughters shopping on their own and organized dinner parties with all of their future in-laws so that everyone could get to know one another because she wanted them to feel the joy of wedding planning.

The four couples have all had children of their own since the wedding. The Fortney siblings’ strong link serves as a positive role model for their children regarding the virtue of having a good relationship with their siblings.

Their children witness their closeness every day as they grow up, and one day they will learn about how their parents shared the most important day of their lives as a united family.

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