After the legal controversy surrounding their first wedding, Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz will get married again…

The heirs of two prominent and equally significant wealthy families were united by marriage in April of last year.

Beckham and Peltz’s wedding looked like an absolute dream from the outside. Yet it ended up that everything fell apart during the preparatory phase.

Most recently, we discussed sensational court processes, the specifics of which were revealed online about a year later and somewhat shocked the couple’s supporters.

It later found out that the ceremony’s organizers issued a statement in response to the bride’s unhappy father’s lawsuit against them, in which he sought the recovery of his 132,000-pound deposit.

Wedding experts claimed that the family had broken their agreement and demanded significant compensation.

Nicola must have been so dissatisfied that she made the snap decision to host another party.

The model, according to the tabloid Closer, which cited its source, still thinks about a miserable party and even connects the wedding crash with animosity between families.

“Nicola recalls the day as being stressful from beginning to end as the first wedding anniversary draws near. Everything was a nightmare. She had interactions with three different wedding planners because she wasn’t completely satisfied with the event, and she now links the wedding to disputes, issues, and friction within families,” the insider claimed.

The publication’s interlocutor remarked that Peltz is so unhappy that she is unable to even look at pictures from her wedding. The second part is the ideal response to the issue.

At their first anniversary, there was a discussion of having a new wedding ceremony. She wants to recreate this day with a new outfit, fresh pictures, and a new structure, the person said.

Nicola will finally get the chance to redeem herself and make her altar entrance wearing a Victoria Beckham gown.

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