Beautiful account of a man who, after 37 years, discovered his real parents using a map of his memories…

After searching for his birth mother for 37 years, Lee, a Chinese man, eventually found her using a map he had created.

His story began with the admission by his adoptive parents that he had been kid napped as a youngster and sold to them.

Lee was raised in a loving and caring home, but he has always been haunted by memories of his past.

In search of clarification, he looked for his real parents.

Lee used only his fuzzy memories as a guide as he drew a map of the area where he believed his original parents might have lived.

He uploaded this map on the internet in the hopes that someone would recognize it and be able to help him.

His efforts paid off since local law enforcement and online users were able to use the map to find both a location similar to the one Lee had described for his mother and a woman who matched the description.

A DNA test confirmed their suspicions, allowing Lee to finally meet his biological parents.

Despite the unfortunate circumstances of his boyhood, Lee is now ready to go forward with the goal of healing relationships and fully understanding the factors that led to his kidnapping.

His perseverance and creativity are proof of the resilience of the human spirit and hope in the face of adversity.

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