Jennifer Lopez had put on 20 kilograms and here is how she appears now…

Fans were left shocked after seeing fresh images of singer Jennifer Lopez, who has put on 20 kilograms in recent years.

Our cherished singer J. Lopez has acknowledged that the time has come for her to begin a regimen of consistent exercise at the gym in order to shed the weight that she has recently gained.

A great number of people remarked that, to their eyes, Lopez appeared completely different in the images that followed.

Despite the fact that the legendary celebrity was dressed in baggy athletic clothing, it was evident that the show industry star has put on a significant amount of weight.

The well-known artist went with a light brown tracksuit that was three sizes larger than what he normally wears.

This time, however, her appearance did not manage to pleasantly surprise the people on the internet, and it was not liked by every single person.

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