A mom from New Zealand shares how she takes care of her four babies…

The family gasped in surprise and delighted when Kendall McDonald was discovered to be carrying not one but four babies simultaneously on the ultrasound. Despite receiving a polycystic ovary diagnosis and experiencing infertility for three years, this is not viewed as a burden but rather as an opportunity.

Brooklyn, who is four years old, is already growing up in the family, and they want one more child. However, it is not untrue that “The Lord gives hardships according to his strength” is a proverb.

When the quadruplets reached their first birthday, Kendal went on location to film a brief video in which she portrayed a worn-out but content mother of numerous kids. In jest, Kendall refers to her children as “QUAD SQUAD.” However, the statement is not made in vain. The Lord puts to the test according to his power.

Given the health problems, the possibility of spontaneous conception occurring was only one in 729,00, which is truly miraculous. Kendall no longer has the time or chance to be ill or sluggish.

She often has two two-hour chunks daily when the other four can care for themselves while sleeping soundly. Mother Kendall, twins Quinn and Hudson, oldest son Brooklyn, Molly, father Josh, and Indy are pictured from left to right.

On the one hand, there was an education in Brooklyn for three years as an experience. On the other hand, you are unavoidably forced to keep “eyes behind your head” because Molly’s bustle has already begun to creep, Hudson is demonstrating leadership qualities, and others are attempting to follow.

However, Kendall McDonald would not accept a proposal to change anything while she parties and never even moans. They are his children, whether they are numerous or few.

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